Upcoming Blood Drive


As first responders we know the importance of having an adequate blood supply in the event of an emergency and that without it many lives that could be saved would be lost.  Please make time in your schedule on July the 15th to give blood.  Click on the picture for more details about the event.

Training Tower Weekly Update June 20th 2016










Last week most of the steel was put into place as well as most of the floor supports for the second floor.   There was a concrete base poured to allow water run off on the first floor to be channeled to the doors to help with clean up.   Things are still progressing well and there will be another update next week.

Training Tower Progesses

Fire training 004







After watching concrete dry for several weeks, steel is being erected.  The firefighters here at Southmont Fire Department are looking forward to being able to train and gain experience in the new training tower.   The training tower will also be equipped with a smoke generator to allow firefighters to train without being place in an environment that is hazardous to their health or life.