Training Tower Weekly Update July 7 2016

Training Center 07062016

This week the training tower has had more wall studs added and the roof ventilation simulator has also been framed out.    The ventilation simulator is the pitched portion of the top of the building.  When finished this portion of the tower will allow fire fighters to perform ventilation on both composite shingle and metal roofs.  This is done by cutting holes in the roof to allow heat and smoke to escape the structure in an actual fire,  doing this cools the environment inside the structure and improves visibility making it easier to bring a fire under control.   This type of training increase the firefighters ability to perform this task as safely and quickly as possible which can save lives and property.

Training Tower Weekly Update June 28th 2016

Training Center 06282016

Last week most of the subfloors for the second, third and forth floors was completed and a set of stairs and some of the wall studs were installed.  The training tower is coming along well. Look for another update next week.

Upcoming Blood Drive


As first responders we know the importance of having an adequate blood supply in the event of an emergency and that without it many lives that could be saved would be lost.  Please make time in your schedule on July the 15th to give blood.  Click on the picture for more details about the event.